Calvi, Corsica


When in France do as the French would right. The question remains what that would be. From a food point of view the first thing many of us think of are crepes. The second thing that comes to my mind is shopping.

I have now spent two very blissful afternoons walking around Calvi, strolling into the local shops, trying out different crepes at the same little place.

As with the differences experienced with Turkish Delights in Istanbul compared to the ones in South Africa the crepes here are fantastic and so much better. The closest I have come to trying out something similar has funnily enough been at a trance dance party out near the lovely little town of Malgas outside of Cape Town. You have to give those hippies credit for schlepping their crêpe batter and gas burners out into the middle of nowhere!

Of course an afternoon off would not be the same without a thorough sampling of the local brew. The ‘Torra’ has a particular appeal with its light palate and lingering effervescent bitterness.


How I do love seeing all these little towns. I don’t believe that I would have come to most of these places if I had gone on a standard European holiday. Perhaps if I had backpacked my way around one or two countries I might have encountered some, but for the most part it is an out of the ordinary out-of-the-way experience.

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