Rhodes, Greece

My first day here I looked at the city and thought to myself, “I’m so not going out, it looks like a medieval Ghetto.

Second time round though I dared to go and walked around the ancient town on my own for the afternoon.

At the entrance to the Old Town, a World Heritage site if you are interested in that kind of thing, lies the ruins of the Church of the Virgin of the Burgh.  It is still a very interesting and beautiful site in my opinion.

Although it is a pity to me that all the little tourist orientated shops sprawled across the main walkways have taken over, there is. however, an ambience about the town.

Little tavernas are hidden away down alleyways and around corners; clearly where the locals go as foreigners are as few and far between as proper English.

Down the main street a family run linen shop selling handmade comforters, pillow slips, throws and spreads caught the attention of my credit card and I cannot wait to get home and put my new purchases to use.

Today though it is a case of taking more photo’s and a second try of the local beer.

I do wish that I had more time to actually explore.  Seeing things like the Acropolis of Apollo would be high on my to do list, but alas, it is not to be.


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