Lemons equals Limoncello

Sorrento 2 June 2012

A few nautical miles away from the most awesome pizza in Naples, along the Amalfi coast line lies Sorrento.
I have most recently come to realise that no matter where I go, Italy will always hold that special appeal to me. And its places like this that proves it to me every time.
Sure, clearly the Italians have some trust issues – what exactly is it with building towns way up on cliffs – but lets set that aside for a moment and ponder the tiny little strip of Via San Cesareo.
On my way in I caved to the self loathing of buying anything that says ‘I “heart” blah blah’ and picked up a nice little hoodie that is so incredibly soft I could fall asleep just feeling it. But I digress.
Back to the cliffs and what from sea looked like a million stairs, but turned out to be a fairly manageable climb once we left the harbor and found the way up.
There’s a vibe about these small towns that I really enjoy, something about the light and just the feel of the air.
I was on a bit of a mission to pick up a few bottles of Limoncello during the bit of time I had, but on my next stop I will definitely explore that little side streets that beg you to wander down them.


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