Aghios Nikolaos

9 May 2012

I like small.  Small works for me.  Sure, every now and then I like the feel of the big city.  Cape Town will always hold a special appeal for me in that way even though it’s more like a cluster of villages, each one with it’s one vibe.  Even now that I have been exposed to so much more it’s still number one.

But back to Aghios.  It was my first experience on Greek soil (or is it Crete.  Still not too sure about this one.  I’ll make a point of googling this later).

I had just felt a very strong need to touch ground – literally. Strange how the local beer won out again!Image

This little main strip on the harbor was fantastic.  I really liked the accessibility of everything.  Some mates went to the beach that was just a left turn away, but I needed one of my walkabouts.  


I’m finding the graffiti around the towns that I’m seeing pretty cool as well!




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