The funniest thing I’ve heard all day


Imagine if you will a small (only in height) man who holds a striking resemblance to a caricature buddha. Now, he can’t reach up very high and at times sounds like a cat hacking up a hair ball, but in-between me bugging him to say things like ‘colorful creation’ so I can relish in his accent which is very intriguing and struggling to find a way to get past the language barrier we are both being fence sitters about, he’s still a pretty cool guy.

Now imagine this little ball of fun going through all the motions of running (going no where pretty damn fast) yelling “Puta! My foie gras.’

Funniest thing I heard all day.



For a while I thought that Portofino was all about the hype. The rich man’s playground, a little village in the Italian Riviera. I was very much mistaken though since this little gem is as amazing as everyone says and after Cape Town it will now be a favorite place of mine. Simply walking around is good enough as it is. Little lace shops, art galleries, high end boutiques, restaurants and gelaterias. What more could you want.

The nocciola gelato is something special though.

Portofino is itself is picture perfect. Every angle makes for a great shot and once again I feel quite the fool for not bringing my camera along. Next time. In the meantime I’ll wait to get home and put up the prints of the bay.

Taormina, Italy

14 May 2012

Now I know that as far as gelato goes Portofino is the place you want to have one. But I had my first experience with the real deal in the little town of Taormina. The roasted taste of pistachio nuts along with the vivid green color was an experience of note as far as I’m concerned. And I will admit that after trying out a few more along way, including in Portofino, this was one of the better ones.

I’m quite excited to get back there in the very near future to explore a little more. But for the moment I can say that I enjoyed one hell of a gelato at the foot of an active volcano.

Aghios Nikolaos

9 May 2012

I like small.  Small works for me.  Sure, every now and then I like the feel of the big city.  Cape Town will always hold a special appeal for me in that way even though it’s more like a cluster of villages, each one with it’s one vibe.  Even now that I have been exposed to so much more it’s still number one.

But back to Aghios.  It was my first experience on Greek soil (or is it Crete.  Still not too sure about this one.  I’ll make a point of googling this later).

I had just felt a very strong need to touch ground – literally. Strange how the local beer won out again!Image

This little main strip on the harbor was fantastic.  I really liked the accessibility of everything.  Some mates went to the beach that was just a left turn away, but I needed one of my walkabouts.  


I’m finding the graffiti around the towns that I’m seeing pretty cool as well!



Valletta, Malta

7 May 2012

For many years I have wanted to see these islands.  Gozo held a particular appeal, but so far I’ve made it to Valletta and am very pleased by the experience.

The city is beautiful and pretty much exactly what I imagined what it would be like.  From the moment we entered the harbor I was hooked.


The Valletta waterfront on its own is would make for a nice visit, but we luckily had enough time to take a proper walk around the city.


The city consists of what seems an endless amount of stairs, yet that only added to its appeal.Image

As far as an culinary experience goes I promised myself I would try the local fish or rabbit, but after a little sight seeing there was only time for a snack and local brew.