The Food Cruise

Last Monday my bestest left South Africa for Spain. He had been employed on a luxury cruise liner and met the ship in Barcelona.
It sounds like he’s having a ball. The whole setup is so perfect for him, its astonishing.

Sure I miss him, but I’m so happy for him and will see him again in a few months.
In the meantime, I’m ‘following’ him around in the best way I can (Facebook, phone calls and Skype excluded. Bless technology).

They docked in Portofino, Italy, today and to me that means one thing: Ice Cream!

I remember the days when we worked together and he would sneak into my ice cream stocks when he thought I wasn’t looking. And I’ll never forget every time he mistook the Foie Gras ice cream for some other sweet treat.

To me there is only one way to make ice cream and that is using Pâte à Bombe. Think I’ll make a version of the nocciola, the chocolate hazelnut ice cream that is so popular in Portofino this week.




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